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Have you seen our Pictures?

Have you seen our Pictures?

We’ve posted some new pictures from a trip we took. It’s just some great foliage and flower pictures from the beautiful Mediterranean and Adriatic. If you’re looking for a great place to vacation this summer the Med is definitely the place to be. We got some great pics in Venice as well as around the coast of Greece and Turkey and we gathered them together in our photos page. If you like flowers, food and great sites then you’ll want to keep coming back to the Bennelli Brother’s website and see all the great offers and articles we have to share.

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Cirali and Olympos Foliage (8)

The First Post is the Hardest

Cirali and Olympos Foliage (10)“How do IĀ introduce this blog,” I ask myself as I write this first post to you my readers. “I really have nothing new to say and the world’s not interested in the perspective of one more Italian writer anyway,” I doubt myself in thought. But, I’m going to write anyway and I’m going to make a lot of grammatical errors while I do it. I am sure that you’d rather read something else than this blog and so I’m not going to waste your time with a verbose post about the importance of reading what I have to write. Instead I’m going to write about how useless this blog will be to all of you and hope that my reverse psychology will at least work on the more sympathetic readers.

I’m writing mainly to draw your attention to the posts I have regarding some great services that I promote but I’m also writing because I love uncle G, and all the things he has to do to keep those peeping eyes looking at the right things on the internet. If there were but one nice thing I could say about uncle G it would be that he makes a pretty penny and isn’t ashamed to pretend he’s making it all at no cost to us. Well, I’d like to think that he gave me my first job that uncle G is like the godfather of the web and he’s sure going to do everything in his power to keep the revenue flowing for all in his family.

Enjoy the flowers and keep up the good reading and you just might find out what it is I’m writing about. Until next time, keep your nose clean and your eyes pealed (a painful metaphor). I prefer to keep my eyes covered with dark sunglasses. But who doesn’t like a clean nose? Am I right or am I right? Take care of yourself and watch out for the extra posts coming your way in the near and distant future.

Buon Giorno!